State Capitol Raceway
.: 2014 Drag Racing Results :.

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11.15.14Ironman Classic
11.14.14Always Fun Friday
11.07.14Always Fun Friday
11.01.14Battle on the Bayou
10.31.14Always Fun Friday
10.24.14-10.26.14Jr. Team Finals - Fri/Sat/Sun
10.19.14Fall Bracket Brawl - Sunday
10.18.14Fall Bracket Brawl - Saturday
10.17.14Always Fun Friday
10.10.14Always Fun Friday
10.04.14Night of Fire
10.03.14Always Fun Friday
09.26.14Always Fun Friday
09.20.14Q16-Top-ET-Jrs, Super Series Race #11
09.19.14Always Fun Friday
09.13.14Fall Season Kickoff
09.12.14Always Fun Friday
08.22.14Always Fun Friday
08.15.14Always Fun Friday
08.08.14Always Fun Friday
07.25.14Always Fun Friday
07.11.14Always Fun Friday
06.20.14Always Fun Friday
06.14.14Bracket Masters Father's Day Classic
06.13.14Always Fun Friday
06.07.14Q16-Top-ET-Jrs, Super Series Race #9
06.06.14Always Fun Friday
05.30.14Always Fun Friday
05.24.143rd Annual Springfest
05.23.14Always Fun Friday
05.17.14Q16-Top-ET-Jrs, Super Series Race #8
05.16.14Always Fun Friday
05.03.14Q16-Top-ET-Jrs, Super Series Race #7
05.02.14Always Fun Friday
04.25.14Always Fun Friday
04.19.14Q16-Top-ET-Jrs, Super Series Race #6
04.18.14RAIN OUT
04.11.14 - 04.13.14Summit Pro-Am Tour
04.04.14Always Fun Friday
03.29.14 - 03.30.14Cajun Blowout Nationals
03.21.14Always Fun Friday
03.15.14Q16-Top-ET-Jrs, Super Series Race #4
03.14.14Always Fun Friday
03.07.14Always Fun Friday
03.02.14Spring 5K's (Sunday Race)
03.01.14Spring 5K's (Saturday Race)
02.28.14Always Fun Friday
02.21.14Always Fun Friday
02.15.14Q16-Top-ET-Jrs, Super Series Race #1
02.14.14Always Fun Friday

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